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PASOs Program

Empowering Latinas in South Carolina

South Carolina is home to a fast-growing Latino population that is young, generally healthy and has a high birth rate. Research has shown however, that the longer Latinos live in this country, the worse their maternal and child health outcomes are if support is not provided. In our state, Latina women may have many challenges accessing prenatal care because of language and cultural barriers, and they have higher rates of birth defects and pregnancy complications arising from a lack of nutritional education. South Carolina’s health system needs support to increase its capacity to effectively respond to the reproductive health needs of Latinas and their babies.

Greenville Health System (GHS) has chosen to lead the way in responding to these needs by implementing the Perinatal Awareness for Successful Outcomes (PASOs) program in Greenville County. The GHS OB/GYN Center has partnered with South Carolina Public Health Institute and The Duke Endowment to implement this initiative.

PASOs (Spanish for “steps”) is the only program in the community geared toward Hispanic women. Click here to learn more about the PASOs Program.